Whether you’re in search of spiritual coaching books and guidance or just seeking some inspiration for living a divinely inspired life, these spiritual coaching books are a must read. Each one serves as a spiritual catalyst and advice sage, leaving the reader with some eye opening and feel good ‘aha’ moments.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle – Widely recognized spiritual coach and teacher Eckhart Tolle changes the way you see your life, consciousness, and your purpose in this read. Tolle really breaks down the concepts of the ego and consciousness. He defines them in ways that relate to one’s everyday life and provides readers with examples of daily opportunities in which one’s ego presents itself. Furthermore, he challenges readers in those exact moments with practice work to expand one’s consciousness and rise above the level of the ego. By bridging this extremely abstract and energetic concept with concrete real world daily examples of the ego, readers are able to not only identify for themselves when their ego is present and leading their life, but also to recognize, process, and identify their own ego in a non-judgmental way. This is the spiritual coaching book for beginners and advanced spiritual thinkers alike.

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson – Undoubtedly one of my all-time favorites, Marianne Williamson delivers a home run when it comes to spiritual coaching and teaching here. As stated in the title this book encompasses ideas and principles from the self-study spiritual text A Course in Miracles. Williamson separates her book into two categories, principles and practice. The first half of the book on principles provides an in-depth examination, and what will be for some, a complete redefinition of the meaning, and real-world experience of God, Surrender and Miracles to name a few. In the second part of her book on practice Marianne breaks down how one’s perspective impacts the troubles and fears that show up in the major areas of one’s daily life (e.g., work, relationships, health) and how to shift that to a perspective based on love and the expression of miracles. Beautiful short prayers are included throughout to help readers to be able to receive these miracles as well. As A Course in Miracles does, Williamson also uses Christian terminology throughout the book, but not in the traditional sense and has stated the book is for those of all faiths. This was very refreshing (given most people, whether or not they were raised in a religious background and found spiritual studies on their own, are familiar with these terms – God, Hell, Miracles etc). Relating to these principles, as Marianne emphasizes – from love rather fear, definitely resonates with those on the spiritual path and heck, basically any and every one, because who wouldn’t want to share in that perspective with her!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra – Chopra provides 7 spiritual principles to live by that are based on universal laws. These universal laws are the laws that are at play in each and everyone of our lives whether or not we know or acknowledge them. Many are familiar with the law of attraction but aren’t aware there are other universal laws that impact our lives and in more ways than just manifesting. Deepak lays out how to apply these 7 additional universal laws to be successful in every area of our lives. He explains the laws and spiritual terms in detail for everyone to understand however I would recommend reading this book after the first two on this list. I found some of these I naturally engaged in without knowing and some of the applications could be more challenging for someone without an established spiritual practice already. For many who have been meditating for a while and reading a lot of books on spirituality, this should definitely be a book on your list. This takes your spiritual practice beyond your meditation mat and journal and provides added practical ways to practice and enhance your spirituality daily through natural everyday experiences.