Stuck in the middle between who you are and who you really want to be in life? Yet you don’t know where to go or what to do to finally make change happen?


You know there’s more to who you are than your job and title, more to life than work, sleep and repeat, more passion and purpose that you have yet to experience, but it all just seems out of your reach.

Your soul is screaming out to be heard amongst the chaos and busyness of your life, but how to hear it and follow where it leads seems impossible.

It’s likely you’ve already spent plenty of time, money, and energy studying and trying to implement dozens of self-help and personal development books and blogs into your life to solve the problem.

Traveled around the globe, seeking out spiritual enlightenment and a meditation practice that just doesn’t seem to stick?

Now don’t get me wrong, I highly value all spiritual practices, but they don’t work if they require you to travel to a tropical getaway to learn it, or if they are so “woo woo” your brain can’t stop questioning what you’re doing, or so impractical you have to spend your entire day doing it.

So I created my Soul Solutions Coaching Program

After attending countless workshops and years of studying numerous spiritual principles and practices I was able to take all that I’ve learned and experienced, combined with Whole Person Coaching and help others create a spiritual yet practical life to get them from who they were to who they had always dreamed of being.

Soul Solutions

Soul Solutions is a 7 week group coaching program designed to help you take the first steps in creating an authentic and spiritually supported life by shifting your energy signature to stop repeating unhealthy and sabotaging patterns that prevent you from accessing your intuition and inner guidance system.

“With Kourtney by my side, my way of thinking was transformed, I created new mindsets and developed the confidence and courage I needed to move forward.”  – Elrena D.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand and uncover your energy signature and how it influences all you attempt to create in your life
  • Identify the core areas where your energy patterns stops you in life
  • Learn how to protect, clear, and heal unsupported energy patterns through spiritual and practical means
  • Discover and leverage your own inner guidance and intuition to create and sustain positive change in your life

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Weekly 50 minute live personal group calls, all recorded
  • Spiritual Toolkit: Mindfulness and spiritual practices customized to you and your energetic  signature
  • Personalized PDFs, workbooks, success maps specific to you and your needs
  • Unlimited email support
  • Bonus One-on-One Breakthrough ThetaHealing session with me, 50 minutes

Week 1:

Uncover how your energy signature is the vibrational frequency that attracts and creates your circumstances and is made up of the collection and accumulation of all the energies of beliefs, thoughts, and experiences that one has. Understand and learn about your own energy signature and how it is currently affecting your life beyond just your thoughts and feelings. Discover what and how energy imprints and energy patterns are responsible for keeping your life in its current position and how to use them to change your life for the better.

Week 2:

Dive into the power of the energy imprint. Learn what happens when the brain and body experience an energetic imprint and how its effect stays within your energy field keeping you stuck in your current circumstances. This week’s spiritual toolkit technique will help you identify the specific energy imprints keeping you stuck, take action on the negative feelings and energy you have towards these imprints, and restore the flow of positive energy in its place.

Week 3:

Learn how long standing and repeated energy imprints give rise to deep-seated core beliefs that shape your reality.  Dive even deeper by examining similar beliefs and belief patterns created by these core beliefs as well as the fear(s) related to them. This week’s spiritual toolkit technique will clear the energetic blocks that have formed from these deep beliefs and help you create and maintain energetic pathways for the specific changes you are working to achieve.

Week 4:

Identify the patterns and habits of the energy pattern Peacekeeper. Learn why this pattern is so predominant amongst female soul seekers and its common characteristics and traits.  The spiritual toolkit technique will show you how to become comfortable in your own personal energy, reclaim your personal power, and protect yourself and your energy field from unwanted and negative energies.

Week 5:

Examine the patterns, habits, and behaviors of the Idealist in depth. Discover the most common underlying fear keeping this pattern at play. Regain a sense of power, confidence, and a new level of awareness on your life by harnessing your personal energy with this modules specific spiritual tool.

Week 6:

Find out the deep-seated issue at the core of the Prodigy pattern and how to stop its vicious cycle of behaviors. Work with this modules spiritual tool to discover the first step in unearthing what truly brings the most passion and purpose to your life; and learn how to channel this energy for the better into more healthy and creative means within your life.

Week 7:

Connect to and develop your intuition to gain clarity and knowledge from a place of divinity and love. Use this inner guidance on a daily basis to make conscious the unconscious patterns and accelerate your personal expansion and self-awareness, and ultimately to co-create a life reflective of your true authentic self from the inside out.


What Happens in a Coaching Session?

The first session is a “discovery session” and lasts approximately 2 hours. After this initial session, client and coach agree on a regular coaching schedule for 3 sessions per month. Session length depends on the program chosen. Coaching commitments will generally range from 4-7 months for a total of 10 sessions.

Prior to each session, clients are asked to be prepare to inform the coach what clients did during the past week, what they want to work on during the current session and how they are feeling at that time. Clients come to their sessions with an agenda of not only what they want to discuss but also what they would like from the coach during the session.  Toward the end of the session, coach and client insert accountability by deciding, together, what actions the client will take during the week based on that day’s topic(s).

In between the coaching sessions, clients work on completing their stated goals.

What is the Definition of Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients to approach their whole self, mind, body, and spirit to create transformational change. The whole person is attended to on each level, interconnectedly and individually to create sustainable and holistic change based on the individual’s own desires and needs.

Coaching allows for a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential while honoring themselves as the expert in his/her life and work.

Where are Coaching Sessions Held?
Coaching sessions are held over Skype or Zoom, or telephone.  It is important that clients secure a private room free of distractions and disruptions for sessions during the session time.
“I came to a pivotal moment where I was stuck and overcome with fear, doubt and insecurity about stepping out on a new path for my life, until I met Kourtney.  It was as if the universe knew and connected me with exactly the person I needed at the right time. I could not ask for a more caring, compassionate and easy to talk too coach.  She listened and supported me every step of the way and when necessary called attention to those non-self serving voices I kept hearing in my head.  The trusted space she created helped me to identify and release the basis for my doubts, fears and insecurities.  With Kourtney by my side, my way of thinking was transformed, I created new mindsets and developed the confidence and courage I needed to move forward. Partnering with Kourtney as my coach was an absolute joy and pleasure. I couldn’t have done it without her.  If you’re considering working with a coach I would highly recommend reaching out to Kourtney.” Elrena D

Meet Your Coach –
I’m Kourtney Ann and like you, I came to a point in my life where I knew there was so much more possible for me, but I was running in circles trying to make it happen.

My back story isn’t all that “woo woo” and wild. I wasn’t born into the entrepreneurial world and I didn’t grow up with Bohemian New Age-y parents either. My dad was in the military and my mother was a teacher so I grew up just a typical California girl who went on to college to pursue a degree and a decent paying professional J-O-B…but I had always envisioned my life on such a grander scale.

After some serious soul searching and dark days I knew I was going to have to access what at the time was a new and unfamiliar part of me – some call it your soul, spirit, or the divine– whatever you want to call it I knew it was the key to change.  (Learn More)

Ready to awaken a soul inspiring life of purpose, joy, and Divine connection?

Your investment — $497 Single Payment

Looking to make massive change in a more individualized setting?

I offer private mentoring for those looking to radically shift unsupported habits and patterns and create a life guided and supported by spiritual principles and practices.

“Working with Kourtney was such an encouraging and enlightening experience. She helped me work through some personal obstacles that I didn’t even know were hindering me in multiple aspects of my life. I am extremely grateful for the positive experiences I’ve had with Kourtney and it is so wonderful to work with someone that is so passionate about helping others and who absolutely loves what they do.” Jennifer D