Hello! I’m Soul- Savvy Coach Kourtney Ann…

I’m Soul- Savvy Coach Kourtney Ann, and I’m passionate about all things spiritual. It’s my mission and joy to support other soul seekers on the path and show them how to embrace their spirituality and use it as the guiding force in creating purpose-filled careers and lives.

Like most people, I always had grand visions for what my life would be like and I did all the things I believed it would take to make those visions come true.  I did well in school, went to college, pursued and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Child Life. I had a good job and earned a nice salary, but after college I just knew there was something missing from my life.

That dream of a life full of adventure, freedom, and success melted back into the background of my reality. I was still living under my parents’ roof imprisoned by their outdated rules feeling disappointed, small and powerless over my own life. On top of that, I had gained weight, was unable to sleep at night, and felt I had no purpose in life. I was fed up, and decided something had to change.

I spent the majority of my time searching for that thing that was missing. I studied any and all things that centered on personal development and self-help, just knowing there had to be some information out there in the world to help me out.

Why am I on this planet at this very moment?

What is a life of purpose and passion and how do I get it?

Do I believe the Universe is a loving or fearful place?

My Spiritual Journey


I immersed myself in spiritual principles and practices, I studied leading authors and like-minded spiritual gurus on the path from topics about meditation, consciousness, the ego, shadow work, Angels, Spirit Guides, universal laws, gratitude, lucid dreaming, manifesting, and intuition to Vedic Astrology, Reiki, yoga, and mediumship. As years passed, I continued to deepen my knowledge and practice by gaining hands-on experience in energy and healing work, becoming a Reiki Master and Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner. Through this journey, I discovered that all those questions brought me full circle around to that thing again that I knew was missing from my life early on..



Some call it the Divine, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you wish to call it –that thing, whether we know it or not, is ever present and at play in our lives.



It’s only when I had embraced it, committed to spiritual practices, and embodied spiritual principles alongside it that I was able to connect to the Divine and my intuition. With this I’ve been able to heal old pains, access and receive Divine guidance, and discover my passion on this planet.


But I hit another road block along the way. Although my spirituality had become my passion and what gave me the most joy in life, I was still very much struggling day by day.  I felt like I lived in two worlds, my spiritual world and the real world of a demanding and high burn out career.


I struggled to find happiness and passion in my practical 40-hour a week day job that left no space or room for talk of anything spiritual, even mindfulness was taboo for some! I knew that I wasn’t living or being my best self – I felt phony and going to work every day was more of a struggle than the last. I felt like I was hiding a part of me, more so what I was doing for work couldn’t hold a candle in comparison to how studying and practicing spiritual modalities made me feel. I had studied and learned so much over the years yet I was very limited in helping others with it. I also felt like those in my work world wouldn’t accept me or would judge me. And let’s face it, there are some really great corporate professional gigs out there that embrace mindfulness and the like wholeheartedly, yet mine wasn’t one of them!


Bridging Spiritualitiy into Reality

So what did I do? I sought answers in my spiritual practice and eventually discovered coaching. As I continued to get clarity on becoming and creating a coaching business, I changed my mindset (every day I went to work, I gave thanks that I had a job that afforded me the money I needed to learn new practices, and invest in myself – I used different mantras each week to make me feel like a creative badass), and I committed to my meditation and manifestation practice.


I went from a place of frustration and fear to confidence and creativity. I was inspired and guided to use all that I had learned in a way that would give me the freedom and flexibility I wanted and help other likeminded people navigate into the life of grand visions they had dreamed of.


I finally was able to continue working in my job (until I didn’t need to anymore of course!) with a healthier mindset and perspective because I knew that I was creating something even bigger that I would transition into 100% and that I had all the tools – practical and spiritual to get me there.

And the key to doing all this? Energy imprints. 


All of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences carry and leave energetic imprints on our physical, mental, and energetic bodies. This is the very same energy that creates our current experiences and reality.


So once I had done some massive healing and clearing to get rid of past unsupportive energy patterns, I was able to focus on creating and maintaining energy that is in alignment with my happiest and best life through my spiritual practice. I then went on to become a Whole Person Certified Coach and combined these principles and practices I learned, in addition to Reiki and ThetaHealing, with a holistic based coaching process to help others heal, create, and live their most authentic life.

I’m just your typical girl with big hopes and dreams for her life like anyone else, but after finding myself on the path, I know that adding a major dose of spiritual principles and practices to life truly does make it possible to live a wondrous, out of this world life.

Most people spend their lifetime without meaning and purpose, and without knowing how to connect to a more beautiful and loving force greater than themselves to co-create an authentic life. But you don’t have to be one of them.

You too can tap into your spiritual side and be the person you imagined and live the life you have always desired.