5 Ways to Enhance Your Spirituality

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying: “We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience.”  Well it’s a pretty good reminder of our true nature and for me I say this quote when I’m feeling out of sorts about life. It helps me to remember who I truly am, how I wish to show up in the world, and if I’m truly aligned with my most valuable and important part of myself – my spiritual being. But the saying stands also as a basic reminder for most of us when we get caught up in the busy hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I truly believe in order to be our best version of ourselves we must remember this saying. For it is within our spiritual selves where we have the greatest strengths and untapped powers to create incredible soul filled lives and can genuinely impact this planet for the better.So check out the five ways to enhance your spirituality below!


  1. Understand what spirituality is and what it means to you – Many equate being spiritual with being religious. However these two are not one in the same, you can absolutely be spiritual without being religious and being religious does not necessarily make you spiritual. Although being and practicing a religion can deepen your spirituality. So what the heck does that mean? Well, being spiritual is really going to be unique to you. Personally I like to think that it is understanding and knowing that there is a deeper and higher power – whether you call it God, Source, the universe or the Divine, whatever name you wish to attach to it doesn’t matter so long as you know that this greater power and presence is at play and that it supports you and has your back. This Divine power is ALL love and light and conspires in our favor and we have many ways of accessing this part of ourselves and working with it: from our intuition to spiritual practices to personal development even to exercise. It is a part of oneself that is continually growing, learning, and supporting the mind-body-and spirit individually and collectively for the greater whole of ourselves.
  2. Create a spiritual practice – Ahh the good old spiritual practice. For some this probably already sounds like added work to a hectic day but it doesn’t have to be. Just like the definition of spirituality can vary from person to person, so will there spiritual practice. Most people think of meditation when they hear spiritual practice, and yes that it is, and a great one too. However this is as flexible as you can make it. For some meditation just isn’t going to do it. And a spiritual practice is really just a way for you to make sure you spend time connecting to that part of yourself that is connected to the Divine. I like to think of it as a muscle, the more we use it the stronger we get. We come into this world very much first and foremost spiritual beings but quickly succumb to the matters of this physical world as we grow as children. Some of us remain quite open to this part of ourselves, while most of us like myself don’t. A spiritual practice helps us to reconnect, recharge, and superpower up that beautiful and divine part of ourselves so we can complete our individual purposes and missions that we set out to complete in this lifetime. So that may be meditation, but it also may be sitting in and with nature, listening, playing or singing music, cooking, taking candle lit baths, or creating art, whatever that sweet spot is that gets you back in touch with that Divine Spirit Spark within you – THAT’S your spiritual practice.
  3. Embark on a quest of personal development – Know thyself! This one might sound simple, and I think for some it may be and others it may not. If you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while you may already have come to do this by default without even knowing, and if you’re on this path and you haven’t yet, chances are you’re about to! I remember when I first became really interested in spirituality and at the time probably wasn’t even able to define it for myself back then. What I was really doing was getting a real thorough and in depth examination of myself to date. I got to see and know all parts of me, even the ones I didn’t care to with those that I was uber proud of. The reason being, in this world there is a duality of things, I like to think of it like the Yin and the Yang or the shadow and light side of things. I couldn’t embrace my spirituality if I didn’t embrace me – like all of me. But it’s when you can shine a light on the dark shadows that they’re no longer dark shadows, light will always light up the dark. And we all have these differing shadow parts of ourselves, but when acknowledged and learned from, we grow. We grow and we develop an empathy, compassion, and forgiveness that we otherwise wouldn’t have for ourselves or others and that is what truly makes one a conscious spiritual being.
  4. Gratitude – This might be my favorite of all the ways to enhance your spirituality and one that I truly believe just won’t ever go out of style. To me gratitude simply means being genuinely thankful, appreciative, and happy for what you have. This is actually not just a way to enhance your spirituality but to enhance your spiritual powers if you ask me. If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you’ve got this gist of knowing that like attracts like and what you put your focus, your attention and intention on you create right? Well this is what makes this simple act of gratitude so powerful. By feeling all the good warm and fuzzy grateful feelings for things you have you are enhancing their presence in your life. And who doesn’t want more of what they like love and enjoy? So if you’re not already doing this, do it! And if you are, do it more! The Universe likes when we appreciate what we have and is set on delivering it to use whether or not we are consciously aware of the law of attraction.
  5. Get to know your divine dream team – Who is the divine dream team? Well this is what I call the group of Angels, spirit guides, Archangels, and the like who are with me and help me to achieve my Divine calling and purpose in life. Yup, we’ve all got them, and a number of them. And they’re with us whether we’ve been aware of them or not. They don’t violate our free will or tell us what to do. They are there to help us, send us signs and signals, show us and remind us how deeply loved we are, and to top it off can help us when we ask. When I’m stuck and not sure what to do or need help with something, even if it’s just saving me a parking space some place – I call on my Divine dream team and I put out my request. I even asked for help in my meditation today in deciding what to write this blog post on! And guess what I was divinely guided to write on, these 5 ways to enhance your spiritualityJ. So what might this look like? There are many ways we receive guidance, you may hear it, see it in your minds eye, feel it in your body, or just know it somehow. The biggest pointer I give with this is to remember to be aware of signs and guidance after you ask and to also know that it may not show up how you think it will (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for guidance while driving, and then looked at every billboard possible thinking there was going to be some divinely written message on one of them lol only to receive the message some other way lol) But it will show up!