Transform Your Energy Signature.
Honor Your Intuition.
Live Authentically.

Discover the energetic pattern that’s been sabotaging your attempts to create a lifestyle that’s soul-filled, authentic, and true to you.

Soul Solutions

Uplevel your energy signature.

Harness the power of spiritual principles and practices to shed outdated patterns and habits preventing you from honoring your intuition and being true to your soul.

Intuitive and Energy Work

Align your energy with your soul dreams and goals.

Integrated energy and healing modalities to clear, heal, and support transformational energetic change.

Hello Beautiful!

I am a modern day mystic who guides soul seekers to harness the power of spiritual principles and practices to step into their most authentic and soul-filled life.

I did all the things I thought would lead me to a fulfilled and authentic life… Went to great schools, worked hard, landed a well paying professional job as a program manager where I worked for years. It was all left brain all the time.  I was bored, stressed, and frustrated that I wasn’t living a life that was true to my soul and love of all things spiritual, or helping others by using the most powerful way I knew how.

I believe we are all firstly divine spirits and sparks of love whose soulful essence is the most powerful and transformative tool we have to conquering struggles, road blocks, and fears.

We all have access to this inner spiritual prowess, by which we can create and live an abundantly fulfilled life while at the same time honoring our soul.

“Working with Kourtney is such a gift! She is a powerful and talented healer who provides a safe supportive space for healing through her sweet, kind, and loving energy. She is gentle and patient allowing you to guide your own healing journey.”

Jennifer M.

Sales Manager

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